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The Best Yogis On Instagram To Help You Namaste At Home

The Best Yogis To Follow On Instagram |

We’re all a little blue that our gyms situations aren’t back to normal, so we’ve been forced to get a little creative — living room workouts, home gym equipment… the list goes on. Thankfully, a yoga practice requires almost zero gear *and* you can practice anywhere! So if you’re curious to try a new instructor or test-drive a different type, open your Instagram app and have this post ready — this non-comprehensive list of the best yogis on Instagram will definitely come in handy.

1. @brandoflows

After starting his practice in college and noticing a lack of Black and brown faces, Brandon founded Khephera Wellness. Add this feed to your list for quick videos (sometimes with his adorable kiddos) and subscribe to Yoga With Brando to try his trap Vinyasa classes. We also recommend thanking Brandon for his A+ content with a donation to Black Lives Matter Rocket Yoga.

2. @kinoyoga

Sigh… we’d all love to be at the beach right now but until then, let’s work on our flexibility and drool over Kino’s photos instead. Scroll through her feed for perfect poses, attend her live classes, and pre-order her upcoming book, Get Your Yoga On for allll the inspiration to build your own practice.

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Step one: Identify what brings you joy. Step two: Do more of that. Step three: Enjoy your life. _ Fill up your day with as many moments of joy as possible. Don’t let anyone steal your innate capacity for happiness. No matter what you’ve done or what has been done to you, you still have the ability to experience joy, happiness and yes, love. It’s within you and no one can take that power away, unless you let them (don’t let them). _ What did you today that brought you joy? _ I went to the beach, dove under the water, walked in the rain, and ate coco nuts and mangos. _ Day 13 #journeytohandstandchallenge is #digasana #warrior3 You can modify by putting your hands on the ground, a block or a chair and bending your knees or not lifting your leg as high. Practice every day of the challenge with me on @omstarsofficial _ Join Omstars today to get instant access to my 30 Day Journey to Handstand Course? Sign up with our summer sale and enter the code JOURNEYTOHANDSTAND. A portion of all proceeds will be dontated to a COVID-19 relief fund in support Black and Indigenous Womxn. We’ve already raised more the $3000! Let’s get stronger together. _ #miami #yoga #yogi #handstand #handstandpress #handstandpractice #questforthepress Challenge sponsors @vayumudra @shophalfmoon _ Photo @ifilmyoga ?‍♀️ ??‍♂️ ?

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3. @laurasykoya

Wanting to get your little ones started early in their fitness journey? Check out Laura’s profile for fun balancing acts, inversions *and* some adorable moments with her family.

4. @theunderbellyyoga

Yoga is for everybody and every body. That’s why Jessamyn Stanley launched Underbelly Yoga, a platform that focuses on inclusivity and body positivity in each practice. Test drive it yourself with a two-week trial and follow the Instagram page for supplemental videos, resources, relatable quotes and more.

5. @the_healthlete

A serene outdoor scene isn’t always accessible for yoga enthusiasts living in the city. Thankfully, Mia Caine gets it. This NYC-based instructor features a variety of poses, wellness suggestions and lifestyle tips that are applicable in every setting.

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TO THE ALLIES: you can still SPREAD LOVE in this time ? — Love isn’t only namaste & good vibes. It also looks like: ❤️ listening ❤️ research & learning ❤️ advocacy ❤️ uncomfortable conversations ❤️ doing the inner work ❤️ assessing your privilege ❤️ speaking up in the face of injustice ❤️ empowering & amplifying others — If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know that whether it is through my yoga practice or wellness-focused lifestyle, I’m all about high vibe living. But that doesn’t happen just from meditation, yoga, plant-based food, & clean beauty (even though I enjoy those things!). — It involves doing the difficult inner work to face your unconscious bias & shadow. It’s an uncomfortable journey (& it’s ok to make mistakes), but along the way you’ll find how to be the most loving you can be to yourself & others. — EMBODY LOVE by accepting that there is a need for change. SPREAD LOVE by becoming that change you want to see in the world. ✌?❤️✨

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6. @beachyogagirl

If you’re a fan of both AcroYoga and the beach (remember the beach?), you’ll Kerri Verna’s feed. Follow along for sandy scenes along the coast and be sure and check out her BYG Method! It offers over 150 yoga and pilates classes for all levels, starting at less than $10 a month.

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Isn’t this sky just amazing? ⠀ For those that are new to my account, I used to teach yoga on the beach 3 days a week. When I joined Instagram 8 years ago, I thought the perfect handle would be @beachyogagirl!? ⠀ I would post images (before IG had videos) after my practice and used this account mainly to promote my classes and share the beauty of yoga and the beach! ⠀ I soon began hosting yoga challenges on Instagram and quickly grew to 1M?. It was amazing to watch so many people fall in love with yoga! ⠀ This account has blessed me with students over the world! For 6 years I traveled the globe, and although it was so amazing to meet so many of you and share my love of yoga, I’m a total homebody. ⠀ I love being home. I was literally made for quarantine?… traveling was amazing but I was usually alone which made me so lonely and sad. I missed my family and would make every trip very short so I could get back home. ⠀ Last year, I decided to stop traveling & open my own business teaching my #BYGMethod of Yoga & Pilates 100% online. It has been the best decision I have ever made. ⠀ I love teaching & I love my students. The banter in the private BYG Members Facebook group makes me smile (and laugh) every day. Seeing people progress in their practice and feel good in their bodies is more than I could ever ask for. ⠀ If you aren’t yet a member… ⠀ I just launched my NEW BYG Method platform!?150+ classes & programs for every level of student. I’ve added plant-based meals and support as well as monthly BYG Challenges to help you stay consistent. ⠀ I have plans as low as $9.17 a month (PayPal is also an option now) and you get a FREE week to try it out! #letsdothis ⠀ If you are looking for fun, effective home workouts that you will love + an amazing support group – join the BYG Method family today! ⠀

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7. @adrienelouise

Honestly, we can’t compile a list of the best yogis to follow on Instagram and NOT include Adriene Mishler. Her free yoga and lifestyle channel Yoga With Adriene has almost eight million subscribers and offers content and advice for every level. So, if you’re not already following her… you may want to change that immediately.

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Never not learning. This is a motto that has seemed to sneak up, side swipe, and lean in to kiss me, ever so sweetly, time and time again. I am serious. I use it often. Everywhere in fact. When I travel, at work, in the studio, with relationships, There is never a time in which I am not met with this notion, and recently – it feels like it has earned its right place replacing cursive letters that read “live, laugh, love” over the mantle. Not only has it assisted me in countless moments of moving forward, it keeps me headstrong in a place and space of curiosity, development, and wonder. It keeps some resemblance of humility coursing through my veins as I take on big tasks and work outside of my comfort zone. It can also be a tool for understanding, if you lean in, and for creating deeper and more meaningful connections. Don’t understand it? Get to know it. Position yourself as the student and witness a whole new unfolding. I have found that my commitment to keep learning has been re-energized in light of recent events. On dark days at home, in times of uncertainty, I keep whispering to myself, Don’t conform, Or absolve! Keep learning! And it is with this, That I will introduce you to a new offering. One made just for you, And for me too. We are all in this together. NEW! MEDITATION FOR LEARNING up on the YWA YouTube channel + fresh love letter in your box. ? #ywaMEDITATE #yogawithadriene #findwhatfeelsgood #ywahomepractice @fwfglife

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8. @yoga_mami

With LOL-worthy videos of her attempts at poses with her little ones, Josephine Jacob is here to prove that yoga can totally be a family affair. Follow this Canadian mother of two for gorgeous poses (both solo and with her fam) and dreamy outdoor settings.

9. @chelseykorus

Follow this L.A.-based yogi for gentle movement videos and a fun glimpse into her life. Oh, and if you appreciate a little visual stimulation with your practice, her space is absolutely stunning.

10. @chelsealovesyoga

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts stays pretty busy. She’s a Peloton yoga and meditation instructor, a global ambassador for lululemon AND the founder of Spelman College’s Yoga, Literature and Art Camp for teen girls. Check out her classes ASAP and follow her page and organizations to take notes on how you can cultivate your community through yoga.

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