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7 Walking Workouts That Can Help You Shed Some Halloween Candy Calories

7 Walking Workouts That Will Help You Shed Some Halloween Candy Calories |

This post is not about shaming anyone for eating too much Halloween candy. *Typed while eyeing Halloween candy bowl* Ahem, this post is actually about highlighting walking workouts that will allow you to eat more candy. Wait, no. That doesn’t sound right either. Okay, we got it. This post is for anyone who may be feeling a little guilty for overindulging in chocolate. Oh, the sweet chocolate. Where were we? Right. Keep reading to view some walking workouts on Pinterest to help you shed some candy calories.

1. Anti-Aging Walking Workout via MyFitnessPal

2. 21-Day Walking Plan via Woman’s Day

3. Walk + Jog + Run Treadmill Workout via Self

4. 30 Day Walk Challenge via SkinnyMs.

5. Slim and String Walking Workout via Health

6. Indoor Walking Workout via Get Healthy U TV

7. How to Walk Off 10 Pounds via Cooking Light

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