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8 Tips for Restarting Your Post-Holiday Fitness Routine


This wintery season is all about slowing down, spending time with loved ones and taking it easy. And for most of us, that doesn’t equate to making time for our fitness schedule. And that’s okay — everyone deserves a break! But if you’re gearing up to revisit your routine and lacking the motivation to do so, you’re not alone. Here are eight tips to keep in mind as you navigate the post-holiday fitness routine.

1. Give yourself time.

If you’re struggling to get through your pre-holiday workouts, don’t be discouraged. Your body (and mind) just need time to adjust! Start with slower workouts and gradually build back up. This can mean jogging instead of running, pilates or yoga instead of boot camp class, etc.

2. Grab a friend.

If you struggle with finding the motivation to resume your post-holiday fitness routine, you may need an accountability buddy! Chances are, you have at least one friend in your circle who made a fitness-related resolution, so take advantage. Schedule time for walks, book a class together — whatever floats your boat.

3. Hit refresh on your routine. 

As you get started on your post-holiday workout plan, don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new. No rule says you have to go back to last year’s workouts or studio schedule. As a bonus, you can expect plenty of studios to be running specials in the new year, so it’s the perfect time to spice things up.

4. Make sleep a priority.

Your body needs time to recover and conserve energy, so getting enough sleep is vital. Make it a priority to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night, especially on workout days, as a quality night of zzz’s aids in athletic recovery.

5. Celebrate the small wins.

Whether you managed a minute-long plank or maintained your workout streak for the week, be sure and give yourself a pat on the back! Remember: easing back into a post-holiday fitness routine takes time and won’t happen overnight. So make it a point to celebrate the small victories. It’ll fuel your motivation to keep going.

6. Take it outside.

As long as the weather is tolerable, make it a point to step outside for some fresh air and sunshine! It will boost your mood and (let’s be honest) it’s just more fun to work out outside. This can be yoga in the park, grabbing a friend to hit a new trail, you name it.

7. Make a healthy grocery list.

The holidays are the time to indulge – and yes, healthy treats count. So if you’ve gone off the rails a bit in your diet, show yourself a little grace. You don’t have to instantly cut out sugar or fast food, but it’s time to ease back into mindful eating habits. It’s essential to maintain good health and keep your energy up!

8. Don’t beat yourself up.

As you’re patient with your progress and celebrate the small wins along the way, it’s also a time to be kind to yourself. If you’re struggling with an exercise that you had mastered months ago, that’s okay. Progress is progress, and even a small workout is better than no workout. So don’t be discouraged and keep going!

Do you have any fitness-related resolutions in mind for the new year? Check out our guide for setting realistic goals and sticking to them!

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