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Must-Have Fitness Equipment to Conquer Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Disclosure: The fitness equipment below contain affiliate links, which means we’ll receive a commission if you click on a link. We hope you like our picks – click or tap the titles to shop!

Ready to conquer your 2024 resolutions? For many, new year’s resolutions include implementing a new fitness routine and prioritizing health and wellness. From the gym to home workouts, having the proper equipment is essential to staying on track with your fitness goals. Stay committed to your new year’s resolutions with all of the must-have fitness equipment to crush your 2024 goals! 

1. Bloomingdales, Fitbit Fitness Tracker, Versa 2, $199.95

Track your 2024 workouts with a wearable fitness device to stay motivated and engaged with your fitness goals.

2. lululemon, Take Form Yoga Mat 5mm, $128 $79 

From the pilates studio to home HIIT workout, a high quality yoga mat is key to success and a killer workout!

3. belk, Sunny Health & Fitness, Walkstation Slim Flat Treadmill For Under Desk & Home, $399 

If you are still working from home or in a hybrid environment, a slim flat treadmill to fit under your desk is an amazing way to meet your fitness goals, while on the clock! Hit 10k steps per day by walking during meetings or strutting to Taylor Swift (or any music of your choice!) while replying to emails.

4. belk, Lomi 7 Pound Weights (Set of 2), $69.99 $28 

Meeting your 2024 fitness goals means going back to basics! A simple pair of 7lb weights are perfect to incorporate into any home workout.

5. MyProtein, Multi-Use Resistance Band Set, $64 

Resistance bands are key way to upgrade your workout and target key muscle groups. Bring resistance bands to the gym, a workout class or a home YouTube workout.

6. lululemon, Adjustable Length Jump Rope, $38 $19 

Winter blues got you down? Take your workout outside with a game of jump rope for a fun cardio workout!

7. belk, Stamina InTone Oval Trampoline, $250 

Looking for a fun way to stay motivated with your workouts? A personal trampoline is a fun addition to your cardio workouts and a burner!

Looking for motivating ways to track your fitness goals and crush your new year’s resolutions? Check out the eight best fitness apps to download!

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