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5 Sneaky Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Day

5 Sneaky Ways to Sneak Exercise into Your Day |

Pro tip: Something is better than nothing. On those days when you just can’t find the time to slip in some sweating, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help. Keep reading for some easy (and dare we say fun?) ways to sneak exercise into your day.

1. Tone at Your Desk

Get out from behind your computer screen and do a wall sit, a set of squats or 1-minute plank. Too embarrassed to do this in your office? Set up an office fitness challenge and round up some coworkers do it with you. Even better? Invest in a stand-up desk that will allow you to do some calf raises while sending emails.

2. Eat Lunch at Your Desk

Okay, we wouldn’t normally advise eating at your desk—it’s good to get out with coworkers or just take a break. But on days where you know you’re stressed for workout time, eating at your desk can allow you to use your actual lunch hour to go for a walk, run or fitness class around the corner.

3. Take a Meeting Outside

Have a light meeting with an active coworker? Ask them to take the meeting outside for a walk. Changing up your environment can do wonders for creativity, plus it can help you burn a few calories and get in some extra steps.

4. Take the Stairs

Say buh-bye to the elevator. Opting to take the stairs in your office or apartment complex can either add some extra oomph to your workout that day or help fill in when you can’t make it to the gym.

5. Drop and Give Us 15

Whenever and wherever you are, a set of 15 push-ups is an easy and quick way to tone and burn. You could even set up a goal for the day and split it up—do 15 push-ups in the morning, 15 in the afternoon and 15 right before you take off for the day. Oh, hey there, shoulders. 😉


Looking for more ways you can get fit without the gym/while you’re at the office? Check out these 5 Bodyweight Exercises.

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