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8 Outdoor Workouts

8 Outdoor Workouts |

Getting a little bored or complacent with your regular workout routine? Need some new scenery other than the four walls of your gym? We don’t blame you, and with all of this nice weather, you may as well spend as much time outside as you can! Check out these awesome workouts to take outside with little to no equipment.

1. Visit a Nearby Track

If you’re looking to get a good sweat on but have no access to a gym and no equipment, take a note from these two who got super creative and headed to a local track for a great workout.

Not having a gym to go to is never an excuse not to workout & neither is vacation! Of course I’d rather head straight to the beach, but I knew I’d be happier if we found a place to workout first. Luckily there was a track nearby, and it was sooo much fun. We ended up staying for two hours! Here’s a bit of what we did: -not recorded: warm up jog 1 mile -push ups, 4 sets of 12: you can do regular push ups, add a soccer ball to make them more difficult, or drop to your knees if pushups are something new to you! Trust me, I still struggle with pushups and there is no shame in modifying them to make them easier! -walking lunges: 4 sets. We did them for about 40 yards! -Bulgarian split squats: 4 sets of 10/leg. I definitely need to improve my range of motion for these, try to get that back knee low! -bleachers: sprint up and down 10 times! -jump squats: go the entire way up the bleachers. 4 sets! Rest times vary. Try to do as minimal of a rest as possible and keep your heart rate high. This will probably take about an hour – we spent the other hour kicking around a soccer ball and throwing a baseball! Now we’re off to the beach – try this workout today if you get a chance ?

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2. Make Friends with a Kettlebell and Jump Rope

This one is a BURNER! Trust us on that. EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. Keep rest times short and aim to have no more than 40 seconds of work each minute. Use an appropriate weight so form is on point each time you have weight in your hand. If you don’t have access to a barbell, bodyweight squats will do the trick.

Needed a quick EMOM today because we had many things to get done! We chose movements that would give us the biggest bang for our buck in terms of effectiveness ?? . . ▶️ WORKOUT ◀️ 5 Rounds done EMOM style 1) 15-20 KBS 2) 12-15 Thrusters 3) 30-50 DUs . . ? SUBSTITUTIONS ? ?? Do twice as many single unders if you don’t have dubs yet. If you’re without a rope, jump back n forth over a broom or stick or crack in the ground . . ? NOTES ? ?? These sets should be unbroken so pick appropriate weights that will allow you to move nonstop for about :30 each minute . . ☀️? WARM-UP?☀️ 3 Rounds 10 /arm kneeling DB or KB presses :45 of single unders :45 plank 20 box step up (prisoner style with hands on your head)

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3. Break a Sweat on the Beach

With only a small amount of equipment needed, you can really do this calorie scorcher anywhere! If you’re in a crunch for time, this one will take you no more than 30 minutes and will keep your heart rate up the entire time. Take this one to the field, beach or backyard for a solid workout.

4. Take a Speed Ladder for a Walk in the Park

One of our favorite ways to mix up our workout routine is by adding this simple piece of equipment. Agility or speed ladders are a fantastic way to shake things up. They will challenge you in different ways because there are so many different things you can do with them. Check out this video for some creative ideas!

5. Bust a Move in the Backyard

Talk about your full body workout. There’s a little bit of everything in this spicy, 10 movement workout!

Come on let’s do this! Bodyweight Workout Challenge video 34 here it comes! Today’s 10 exercises you can do anywhere ? Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, with 10 seconds rest in between. Rest 1 minute between rounds. Beginner’s Level: 2 rounds Intermediate Level: 3 rounds Advanced Level: 4 rounds 1. Burpees 2. Plyometric Lunges 3. Dip with a Kick (both sides) 4. Run in Place with High Knees 5. Mason Twists 6. Body Weight Squats 7. Incline Close Grip Push-ups 8. Grasshopper 9. Switch Kicks 10. Shadow Boxing Teeme ära! ? Oma keha raskusega treeningu 34. video, siit see tuleb! Tänaseid 10 harjutust saad teha igal pool ? Soorita iga harjutust 30 sekundit, enne järgmise harjutuse juurde minemist puhka 10 sekundit. Puhka 1 minut seeriate vahel. Algajad: 2 seeriat Keskmised: 3 seeriat Edasijõudnud: 4 seeriat 1. Kosmonaut 2. Väljaasted hüppega 3. Istes kätekõverdused jalasirutusega (kummalgi poolel) 4. Põlvetõstejooks 5. Istes kerepöörded 6. Kükid 7. Kaldes kitsa haardega kätekõverdused 8. Rohutirts 9. Vaheldumisi jalalöögid 10. Varjupoks #trainingchallenge #workout #workoutanytime #workoutanywhere #getfittoday #getstrongnotskinny #getfitchallenge #workoutmotivation #workoutchallenge #fitnesschallenge #fitnesstraining #getfittogether #getstrong #personaltrainer #personaaltreener #personaltraineronline #personaaltreenerliinakaldma #workoutroutine #workoutoutdoors #workoutoutside #treeninigalpool #treenipäivä

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6. Go Back to the Beach

If you’re short on time and looking to get a quick workout in, check out this simple yet effective workout you can do just about anywhere.

7. Get Toned in the Sand

Staying at a hotel with no gym while on vacation? There’s no excuse not to move a little bit! Try these four burning moves to get a quick workout in on the beach, an open field or even in your hotel room.

8. Tackle the Starfish Challenge Near the Sea

This one is all about the abs! Grab a yoga mat and try this core crushing workout outside in the sun.


Looking for more tips on training? Check out How to Use Kettlebells to Enhance Your Workout.

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