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5 Battle Rope Exercises to Build a Stronger Core

5 Battle Rope Exercises for a Strong Core | FitMinutes

It’s only in the past few years that battle rope training has really become mainstream. Battle rope exercises are a great full body workout—they’re able to enhance almost every muscle in the entire body and provide a strong level of cardio and endurance training. In this article, we’re going to focus on core workouts. Below are 5 battle rope exercises that will help you build a stronger core.

1. Slam

The slam is one of the most fundamental battle rope exercises and is easily one of the best. To perform the slam, posture is key, especially if you want to really engage your core. Start with both ends of the rope over your head, then with all your strength, slam the rope down onto the ground. This move is all about maintaining your posture and form and offers a great workout for your shoulders, arms, back and core.

2. Grappler Throw

Grappler throws are highly intensive and really help in working your core and deltoid muscles. With both your feet firmly grounded, pivot from side to side from your torso. Each time you make a pivot, flip the ropes over. As you perform each flip, you should be trying to throw each rope down to the side you are pivoting. The pivot and twist is a great workout for your abs.

3. Wave

Like the slam, the wave is a foundational exercise and one that you’ll find most people doing when in the gym. It’s particularly good for your biceps, but to draw strength to perform the move, you also need to engage your core. Start by tucking your elbows into your sides and then pump your arms up and down alternatively until waves travel down the rope. If you want to really crank up the difficulty, try maintaining a squatted position while pumping your arms in tandem. This workout is highly intensive and really helps in toning up your abs.

4. Circles

Circles are excellent for engaging the shoulders, pecs and abs. To perform them, move your arms in front of you in independent circles. In other words, have one moving clockwise while the other moves counterclockwise. A nice variation to really focus on your core is to hold both ropes with both hands and move in one larger circle, then switch direction. To add a little more intensity, lower your tailbone into a squatted position.

5. Russian Twist Slams

This one looks the easiest but is arguably the most intensive. Sit on the floor and get into a rowing position. This is when you have your back straight, but tilted back until you can feel your abs engaged. Bend your knees slightly until they are raised directly in front of you. Grab the battle ropes, hold them in front of your chest, then rotate your upper body, slamming the ropes to either side of you. Try to keep this going for 30 seconds.


Battle rope workouts aren’t just a fad—they are an outstanding full body workout, with the added bonus of targeted exercises to focus almost any part of your body. Try out the 5 exercises in this list to get those abs pumped and your core engaged.

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