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9 Low-Impact Workouts You Can Do at Home

9 Low-Impact Workouts You Can Do at Home |

Bad knees? Pregnant? LOATHE Burpees? (They’re really the worst.) There are plenty of ways to torch calories and tone your body without jumping or hurting yourself. And, even better, you can do a lot of them at home, without a gym membership. What’s that? You want proof? Sure thing, friends! Read on for some amazing low-impact workouts we found on Pinterest.

1. 15-Minute Low-Impact Cardio Workout

Let @themodernfitgirl walk you through this low-impact burner.

2. 7 Low-Impact Moves to Torch Calories

Leave it to @popsugarfitness to gift us with some amazing low-impact moves.

3. Low-Impact Home Pillow Workout

We can’t get enough of this super fun pillow workout from @justinagustin.

4. Low-Impact Stair Workout

Have stairs? Well then @cutfromstonefit has a workout for you!

5. 15-Minute No Jumping Cardio

This bodyweight workout from @nourishmovelove only takes 15 minutes!

6. Easy Low-Impact Interval Training

We love this super easy-to-follow workout from @anniepilatesphysicaltherapist.

7. Low-Impact High-Intensity HIIT

Pull these moves from @pbarnshaw out when you really want to break a sweat.

8. Low-Impact Beginner Barre Workout

Lengthen and strengthen your body with this barre workout from @nourishmovelove.

9. Low-Impact Full Body HIIT

Work up a full-body sweat with @audreykoomar.

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