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5 Exercises to Get Your Perfect Summer Booty (That Will Actually Work)

5 Exercises to Get Your Perfect Summer Booty | FitMinutes

Spoiler alert: there is no quick fix for getting the perfect body. There are, however, plenty of strength-training exercises that when done regularly, can result in fat loss in targeted areas (like the glutes). Keep reading for a solid plan you can follow at the gym and at home to get your perfect summer booty.

1. Cable Kickbacks

At the gym: Find an adjustable pulley and either a single grip handle or ankle strap. Move the pulley to the lowest level and place your foot in the handle/strap. Using a lower weight and leaning a bit forward, grab the machine in front of you and push the cable out behind you in the “kickback” motion. As you warm up, feel free to add more weight.

At home: Using a resistance band, get down on all fours. Holding one end of the band in both hands, hook your foot on the other handle and “kickback”.

2. Deep Back Squats

At the gym: Find a squat rack, not a Smith Machine. Look it up if you don’t know the difference! Using the bar only, bring your shoulders and body under the bar, place your hands six to nine inches away from your shoulders, push up and un-hook the bar. Walk back, and while keeping your back as upright as possible, lower yourself into a squat (take off your shoes if you need to). Your feet should stay flat and shoulder width apart, and your depth should have your legs at less than a right angle. With all of this said, if something hurts, STOP. If you can not go low, don’t. Listen to your body, especially when you begin to add weight.

At home: Basically use the same guidelines as above, except hold dumbbells or something heavy to your chest as you squat.

3. Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlifts

At the gym: Find a spot in the mirror (move it or lose it, dudes & dudettes) and grab two dumbbells of a challenging weight. With your feet shoulder length apart and dumbbells at your sides, slowly lower the weights down in front of you. Aim to keep them as close to your shins and quadriceps as possible the entire time, and pull back up to your returning position. Remember to stick out your booty as you do this to avoid turning this into a lower back workout, keeping your legs only slightly bent. You’ll feel this in your hamstrings, which are equally important in getting a great booty!

At home: Do the exact same, without worrying who’s looking at your great butt!

4. Hip Thrusts

At the gym: Doesn’t this one sound fun? Find a yoga mat and a lightweight barbell. Lay flat on your back on the mat, with your feet flat on the ground out in front of you. Place the bar on your lower abdomen. You should be able to tell where a good spot is, it’s not supposed to hurt so make sure it’s not resting on your hip bones. Keeping your feet in the same position, push the bar up by thrusting your hips nice and awkwardly. Lower the bar back down and repeat.

At home: Laying on a mat or carpet, simply replace the barbell with a single dumbbell or something heavy.

5. Side Step Sumo Squat

At the gym: Say that three times fast! Using the same squat form as #2 above, place your feet shoulder width apart, and while holding a dumbbell to your chest, step sideways into a wide squat. Your feet should be slightly turned out along with your knees.

At home: Same as in the gym. Easy peasy.


So there you have it, five booty-building weighted exercises that will shape, lift and build your bottom! Perform 4 sets of 10 reps on each exercise to get the full burnout. Don’t forget to do some dynamic stretches and foam rolling before trying these. And if you really want to shed some fat, you’ll need to make a change in your diet and water intake. Happy squatting!

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