Blender Networks Inc. Chrome Extension Uninstall Instructions

Our web browser extensions have passed a review process and are digitally signed. They can only be installed with the explicit permission of the browser user because we make an effort to follow the extension policies of browser makers. You can easily disable or completely remove or uninstall them at any time by using your browser’s extensions manager, which is typically part of your browser’s settings, options or preferences. Here are directions for removing the extension:

  1. In Chrome’s Omnibox (a.k.a. address bar), enter chrome://extensions and then press the Enter (PC) or Return (Mac) key to open Chrome’s Extensions manager.
  2. Click the Remove button for an extension to uninstall it, or toggle its switch to turn off the extension without removing it.

Our extensions cannot work after they have been turned off or removed. If you are still experiencing undesired behavior in Chrome, try following Google’s instructions to Reset Chrome settings to default.